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The page scrolls while I play my game!

To fix this,either go to your browser settings and zoom out the page or download the game.

My game freezes!

This is a known issue that happens when the user clicks somewhere else on the page that isn't the game itself.This issue only happens on this website,it does not happen on a hosted game platform.A solution to this is to download the game.

Any other problems?

Pretty much any problem your having with the game online can be solved by downloading the game.I'm not trying to force you to download it,it's just that having the game on your computer eliminates any problem your having with the website.

If your having a problem with the downloaded game please contact me at the top of the page.

How to know when new games come out?

To be alerted to new games,you can sign up to the newsletter.You will only be noticed when a new game is released.

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