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FearRaiser's Pizza Delivery at  2017-01-02 18-45-05-01
FearRaiser's Pizza Delivery at  20717-01-02 18-45-05-01
FearRaiser's Pizza Delivery at  62017-01-02 18-45-05-01

Play as FearRaiser who has a new job as a pizza delivery boy and must deliver pizzas to to a crap hotel called banging hotel.Called that to say its a awesome cool banging place to be at,but it seems to be misinterpreted by some of the people who stay there.


Over the course of ten nights he must go there and deliver pizzas to the right rooms otherwise face getting fired without pay.


He has to listen to whats behind each door to make sure he's at the right room,but most of all he has to avoid certain rooms where people are doing something that is a bit ironic to the name of this hotel.

Click the button below to download the game for windows and if you haven't check out FearRaiser's channel where he does animated story's on his life and minecraft videos.

IHE Mars Attack 2017-05-02 01-28-07-87
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SvenInRunningMotion 2K
Pizza Delivery at Banging Hotel
Mega Man Bass Hunting
Behind The Meme Maker
Fox and Wolf Web Browser
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