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Turn your pictures into characters that you can fight in a rpg battle system.

You vs Everyone is a user made rpg battle system game where you can take photos of “Everyone” from your device and show them what for by taking them on with a myriad of attacks.You can add a total of 20 characters and fight them with 96 attacks that covers a wide category of tropes,objects and other comedic moves.

To create a character you need 5 images.

  • Neutral-Used when nothings going on.

  • Attacking-Used when attacking.

  • Hit-Used when character takes damage.

  • Lose-Used when you win.

  • Win-Used when you lose.

Their are 3 modes,normal,random and survival.

  • Normal-Fight a character of your choosing.

  • Survival-Fight all the characters you have,one after another.

  • Random-Fight a character chosen at random.

You vs Everyone is a free ios game that released November,1.

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